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Finally a little calm to give some information … Back from the competition organized by Eric Platel and Stephane Chavin last weekend at Pont de Claix (38). I can tell you that the competition was simply a success with incredible bars and motivations from very active athletes. So I established the international selections for Europe (Prague Rep. Czech) as well as for World (Riga Latvia). If you want more information about these selections contact me.

News about the WPC powerlifting and benchpress world championships in Finland

Upcoming: Lyon Grand Prix (bodybuilding) Mr & Miss LYON (award-winning)

Organizer: ASCS –

Official: AFFFBB

Start: 10am –

Height and weight: 11h –

Prejudging: 14h

Show: 20:45

in this day … Finale France AFFFBB and NABBA International Selections

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